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We have seen bent front end links already when stiffer sway bars are used. So in order to make sure there is no deflection or loss in the effectiveness and predictability of your factory or beefy sway bars in all maneuver situations we decided to contribute with our own fix...Pro-RIGID End Links.

Here are a few things to take note of when considering this upgrade for end links that we have found to be of importance:

• The factory GM specification for the end links is to have a minimum of 52 degrees of total stud misalignment in the front and 50 degrees in the rear. The front is especially critical since the link is attached to the strut which turns with steering input. Most rod ends with a bolt through them will not even come close to this, for example, around 26-28 degrees on a standard M12 rod end.

• The clocked relationship of the top ball joint to the bottom is also critical to be at the optimal location at ride height and wheels straight forward to allow enough travel misalignment of the ball joints in all bump, rebound, roll, and steering situations. The factory front end links are orientated 90 degrees apart. When you go to an adjustable end link it is easy to tighten the jam nuts when the rod ends are not perfectly centered and/or orientated correctly in relationship to each other at ride height, thus loosing critical misalignment travel and a lot of times causes binding in extreme turns. This can give resistance to steering until it either loosens or breaks.

• The other thing that we noticed on the factory front end link towards the top, it is already extremely close to the strut with the small 10mm diameter rod. When using standard off the shelf rod ends, the adjuster sleeve and jam nut is right in this area and will very likely hit the strut flange in extreme conditions.

• Under load we have seen the dinky factory end links bend and stress analysis has shown this as well. Stepping up to stiffer sway bars only increases this risk and the ineffectiveness of the end link to do its job.

Taking these factors along with extensive physical and computer analysis into consideration, Proven Wicked has engineered our Pro-RIGID end links from scratch with these features:

• We tooled up for custom 12mm XM style forged chromoly rod ends with injection molded teflon/kevlar liner, not off the shelf units. They are then outfitted with 12.9 grade high misalignment M10 studs requiring no modification to your car or new sway bars.

• The misalignment in the joints match what the factory has so no chance of binding is possible.

• Rod end studs include custom made locking flange u-nuts for mounting. These offer superior vibration and heat resistance over even nylon insert nuts. They also include two machined large washers to distribute the load evenly to the mounting surfaces.

• Both custom rod ends are unique lengths. The front are extra long in order to package them in a way to easily clear the strut flange near the top. The rears are shorter to allow the use of two males with an adjustment collar for on car adjustments.

• Another unique feature we incorporated was the use of a mil-spec locking keyway washer. This makes sure that the rods ends are always clocked in perfect relation with each other before you can lock down the jam nut. It also incorporates a safety wire tab to use in conjunction with the pre-drilled jam nuts.

• The adjustment sleeve is machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum, shot peened for increased fatigue strength,Type III hard anodized dark red for corrosion resistance and tapped for left and right hand threads for on car adjustment. Gun drilled and ball end milled for optimized lightweight.

• We have stress analysis results using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) showing the comparison of the OE end links to the Pro-RIGID end links for both stock and upgraded sway bars.


Check out the you tube video link to the right of the pictures for a full in depth overview of sway bar end links in general and a break down of the ProRIGID End Links.

Benefits / Features

  • Stiffer construction prevents deflection
  • Uncompromised sway bar load transfer
  • Custom high misalignment chromoly rod ends
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum Billet Adjusters allow on car adjustment
  • Unique Mil-Spec Keyway Washers maintain correct orientation
  • Provisions for safety wire
  • Allow you to tune your sway bars to correct angle or to preload for certain track conditions.  Recommended for lowered vehicles to reset sway bar angles.


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